Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Christie wears House Of Cards shorts, Miss Shop top, Wittner shoes, op shop knit Claudia wears T-Bar top, Dissh skirt, Kmart shawl, Vans shoes Taylor wears Stolen Girlfriends Club dress, op shop top (worn underneath) Gorman socks, shoes from Sunday Social, Romance Was Born tote bag
(Claudia) The other day Christie, Taylor's friend and editor of PITCH, joined us for a shoot. We had so much fun drinking chai and climbing trees (yes, actually). Ben is an absolute saint for putting up with us and still managing to get some decent photos.  I have somehow managed to look like a goth yet again. Thank God its almost Spring and I'll be forced to start wearing colour again. These photos were taken on such a beautiful sunny day, Brisbane winters are the balls!

(Taylor)This STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB dress is pretty much my uniform, so it brings me great pleasure to immortalise this outfit on the internet.


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