Sunday, 19 August 2012


Taylor  wears sass & bide tee, vintage overshirt, House of Cards skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Relax socks Claudia wears Zeed dress, Sportsgirl slip, Styletread shoes
I'm from the coast, and I miss the ocean. I'd traded days by the sea for life contemplation sessions in New Farm Park until I found this 'beach'. I'm wearing my favourite slightly-beach-themed House Of Cards skirt in honour of it's discovery.  Their new collection is pretty rad, like somebody stitched up Summer and hung it up at Outpost. PITCH did a really great shoot with them for the latest issue that's worth checking out. I bought the JCs off the lovely Fabilha from Inside In, Inside Out. She and her sister Tasfia are selling designer on their blog for ridiculously cheap pricing. Claudia looks the epitome of chilled ocean living, despite a little bit of  sand-unfriendly footwear on both our parts.  I'm heading to the coast tonight for some real ocean, but it's good to know we can come back to a little stretch of peace in Brisbane. (Minus strange looks from people on the ferry).
x Taylor


  1. You both have the best style. I live on the coast as well, I don't think I could ever leave!
    Cute blog :)

    1. Thanks, yeah it's hard to leave sometimes!


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