Friday, 28 September 2012


Taylor wears wrangler top, shirt and backpack from Suitcase Rummage, Alice Mccall shorts, Vans shoes and hat from Ebay
Claudia wears vintage top, Antipodium skirt, Converse high tops, Supreme cap and flannel jacket left at Taylor's after a party... 

This week Taylor and I decided to do a 'Lords of Dogtown'/ girls will be boys inspired sort of thing. Taylor actually skates and I just sit on the board and pretend that I'm cool. Unlike most girls I think we're only starting to go through the whole tomboy phase now, probably a bit late but boys clothes are just so sick! As Taylor mentioned before, I am now 21. What a ridiculous age - I am by no means an adult but I can't pretend I'm a kid anymore either, it's absolutely ludicrous! Rant aside, we are completely obsessed with caps at the moment and Brisbane has been so hot lately that we actually kind of need them (to protect our faces and whatever else it is that our mothers are always telling us to wear them for). The shirt that I'm wearing was literally "my mom's in the 80's" and its just a classic tourist-y 'London' T-shirt. Both of us are looking pretty casual in these outfits, definitely appropriate attire for a hot, almost-Summer New Farm afternoon!

x Claudia 

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