Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Claudia wears: Etsy Tee, Etsy choker, Urban Outfitters dungaree dress, Sunglasses from UQ markets and ebay flatforms

Its so good to be writing again! I do apologize for my absence on TAKC, I blame it on my law exams which murdered me and then resurrected me just so they could do it again. After a catastrophic attempt at dying my hair blonde, in which I ended up looking like a Neo-Nazi Slim Shady impersonator I have gone dark yet again in order to mask the shame of almost becoming a ranga. 

I ordered this choker off etsy and I love it. The fact that the seller had it listed under the headings of 'fetish, S&M, bondage and roleplay' is slightly concerning however I maintain that it can be worn with clothes that aren't made of latex and outside of Christian Grey's room of pain. My parents think I've turned into some sort of dominatrix hippie and my Dad told me that if I insist on having a nose ring and wearing a collar then he may as well start calling me 'Cowdia'. Clearly he is a top bloke and also hilarious.

Enough of this rant, it's Summer and the Gold Coast is hotter than Satan's bumhole. Lets tan and drink cider on the beach! (Just kidding, law students don't drink in public...)

Peace and blessin's

xx Claudia 

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