Monday, 3 December 2012


 Taylor wears: Wrangler top, Evil Twin shorts, Vintage overshirt, Wittner shoes, Romance Was Born bag. Grace wears: Vintage tee, Maurie and Eve shorts, Relax socks, Doc Martens

I hung out with my friend Grace the other day, as you might have noticed. We met last summer when we both worked for General Pants. (Don't let that put you off, or not put you off... I don't know). She is the one person I know who can pull off the bohemian-tomboy look (is that a thing?).  I need to stop using brackets. She found that tee in a $1 bin at her school fete, so she's the real deal.

 My outfit is a continunation of last post's under-the-sea theme. I'm actually only wearing these colours at the moment, and am starting to remind myself of The Rainbow Fish. I've also noticed that most stuff I'm wearing has some sort of resemblance to pajamas but have decided not to read too much into that.

PS CLAUDIA I MISS YOU. Come back to Brisbane before you peroxide your hair and start wearing heels. (No offence GC, you're cool.)


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